Samuel Oyekan


Services Provided
– Brand Discovery
– Brand Refresh
– Brand Strategy
– Logo & Identity System
– Brand Guidelines
– Copywriting
– Collateral Design
– Creative Direction

Giving You The Best of Your Choice

The Sirso brand – owned by Samuel Oyekan – is a fast-growing and award-winning fashion brand emanating from the heart of Akure, Ondo state in Nigeria. They creatively bring your thoughts and choice to life.

Known for his creativity and innovation in layout and design, Samuel Oyekan has always been passionate about delivering nothing short of perfection to his customers.

Previously, the Sirso brand only designed native African clothes for their customers. Motivated by his never-ending drive for excellence, employment of ad-hoc staff, and acquisition of the machines needed, Samuel Oyekan was ready to expand his business to also deal in sewing, designing, branding, and customization of suits, corporate and urban wear.

The Goal & Outcome

Brand Guideline
Competition Overview
Brand Logo
Logo Responsiveness
Typography & Color Palette
Brand Patterns