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Empowering Optimal Wellness

Alison Hill started her own private practice, where she could work one-on-one with clients to develop tailored nutrition plans that work for them and their lifestyle. She believes that every person is unique and therefore, her approach is to take into consideration the specific needs of each client. She also emphasizes the importance of education and encourages clients to understand the role of nutrition in their overall health.

In her practice, Alison specializes in helping clients with weight management, sports nutrition, and digestive health issues. She also works with clients who have diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic conditions that can be improved with proper nutrition. Her goal is to help her clients achieve optimal health and vitality through food, and she believes that small changes can make a big difference in the long term.

The Goal & Outcome

The goal of this project was to develop a comprehensive digital presence that effectively communicates the expert knowledge and personalized approach of Alison Hill, while providing accessible and convenient resources and support for clients to improve their nutritional health and achieve their wellness goals.

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#d78371 (Pale Copper) is a warm, muted shade of pinkish-red. This color evokes feelings of passion, energy, and excitement. It is often associated with the color of healthy foods, such as berries, watermelon, and pomegranates. #8ac190 (Frog Green) is a muted shade of green, which symbolizes freshness, health, and growth. It suggests the importance of fresh, wholesome ingredients and natural, sustainable practices. Additionally, green is often associated with vegetables, which are a key component of a healthy diet. #ffd35a (Light Mustard) is a bright, sunny shade of yellow, which adds a touch of cheerfulness and optimism to the brand’s identity. This color suggests energy, enthusiasm, and happiness. Additionally, yellow is often associated with citrus fruits, which can be an important source of vitamin C in a healthy diet. #5f666b (Shuttle Grey) is a dark, muted shade of gray with a hint of blue. This color can evoke feelings of stability, sophistication, and professionalism. Additionally, gray is often associated with balance, neutrality, and calmness. #ffffff (White) conveys a sense of purity, clarity, and simplicity, which can be especially important in a field like nutrition that emphasizes clean eating and healthy habits.


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