Tom Martin

Law & Justice

Services Provided
– Brand Discovery
– Brand Strategy
– Naming
– Positioning
– Voice
– Brand Identity
– Brand Guidelines
– Messaging Platform
– Copywriting
– Website Design
– Collateral Design
– Creative Direction
– Social Media Content

A Firm Identity For The Winning Firm

Tom Martin Law Firm is a team of expert legal professionals based in Denver, Colorado. They are known for excellence, dominance, and unwavering dedication to their clients. They take pride in keeping their caseloads low and their clients upper-class.

The Goal & Outcome

The Journey

After the first discovery session with the client over a zoom call, we were able to: define their brand values and attributes, pinpoint their challenges and identify their customers.

The next step after the discovery session was to create a customer persona and stylescape for the project.

lawyer logo
logo and branding project for a law firm